I sit in the back of this library, in tranquility. However, it reeks of urine. It might have been a mistake to sit next to the girl’s bathroom, watching as the occasional cutie passes by; a wink howbeit.

My observation period is plagued by the disfigured. Sole options: the face of a goddess with an unflattering body, or the reverse. Amidst the throng is one, short with red-hair; ass plump for her bite-size; face distorted. Another looks near 55 years of age, boobs at knee-height; further description unnecessary.

The Nubian goddess walks past, with hair of straw; artificial. Her buttocks jiggle, bound by the spandex material; enticing. Her creases rub violently… scrap “goddess.” The best however, is tall and slender. She’s a brunette, of course, with permanent jeans and a thickness; my fav. Her bookbag is bulbous, hinting at studious, pulling back her shoulders – tightening the gray blouse and flattering the twins; tightening Old Navy and flattering “daddy.” Joyous research.