NYC Find a Fountain v1.4 Final

The final version for my NYC Find a Fountain android application has been pushed to the Android Market!

The notable changes in this final version was the addition of more than 1500 New York City public drinking fountain locations thanks to the Department of Parks and Recreation! The Android application now polls the NYC Open Data API for updated fountain locations. This means that whenever the Dept. of Parks and Recreation updates their list of fountains, NYC Find a Fountain will have the freshest data!

Other changes in this version include some graphical improvements, performance improvements, and some interaction redesign to make it easier to use the app on-the-go! The goal for this app was to be used by runners who wanted to quickly find the nearest drinking fountain. With that in mind, I designed the app to be as simple as possible and easily usable with one hand.

It was a pleasure making this application. Thanks to all of you who cheered on its development and thanks to all of you who downloaded the application! I hope it continues to serve you for a long time.

I released the source code the the application to the public. It should serve as a nice introductory project for up and coming Android developers. There’s some cool parsing and drawing optimization code. The source code for the app can be found here:

The app can be downloaded on the Android Market: