Codekit: Change the default slim compiler

I had to swap out the new version of the slim compiler 1.3.9 that shipped with the new version of Codekit (1.6.2).

Here’s how to swap out the version of the slim compiler if you install gems with RVM:

  1. Open your terminal and type rvm system
  2. Install a particular version of slim: gem install slim -v 1.3.6. You’ll now have the slimrb executable at /usr/bin.
  3. Open up Codekit’s preferences
  4. Go to slim in languages and under Advanced compiler settings, choose “use the slim executable at this path”
  5. Select the slimrb executable at /usr/bin

You’re good to go. If you don’t use the system ruby, Codekit will refuse to use any of the compilers.