Developers vs. Engineers

There is a clear behavioral difference between software developers and software engineers, though the terms are often, incorrectly interchanged. Through my own experience and observations, I hope to not only shed some light on the difference, but encourage developers (my target reader) to strive to become engineers. If you find this post helpful, feel free to […]

A study guide for database theory normal forms

All of the jargon and confusingly said theories in textbooks and online resources are quite useless when you’re trying to learn database theory for the first time. Below is a really layperson-focused (almost mechanical) set of rules for when you’re trying to determine the normal form of a database table.

Andrepl: The JavaScript Repl for Android

I’ve had the urge to play with some JS on the subway (offline), so I open-sourced a really simple (read-evaluate-print-loop) repl for Android phones. It’s basically eval() wrapped in a native Webview with CodeMirror on top. I call it Andrepl. Here’s the source Code: Andrepl