Online class: How the internet actually works

We use the internet every day to surf the web and send emails but it’s not obvious what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m teaching an online class aimed at demystifying the internet.

Feel free to register and/or share ( with anyone you know that might be interested. Thanks in advance and I hope to see you there!

The Costs of Education

My post was featured on hackNY’s blog as part of their summer lecture series.
Written by: Joel Kemp
Edited by: Manya Ellenberg

Students are finishing their education at top universities with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. For computer science undergraduates, their coursework only scratches the surface of what is necessary to succeed in the competitive job market. Rightly so, these talented students are questioning whether or not experience trumps education; i.e., whether or not pursuing a formal degree is necessary in these “frothy” times. With the abundance of capital and exorbitant company valuations (“froth”) in the current startup technology scene, there is an increasing plethora of startup companies emerging across many vertical markets.