Work for an employer that builds something you love

This article was cross-posted from Medium. One of the best decisions I made in 2016 was to find an employer that made something that I loved. It’s provided me with a life-changing sense of work fulfillment and I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Seeking purpose outside of work Back in 2016, I […]

Tips for interviewing at a large tech company

This article was cross-posted from Medium. I wrote about what I enjoyed from interviewing at Spotify, and now I often get friendly emails from strangers asking for tips on how they should prepare for an upcoming Software Engineer interview. I wanted to share my thoughts more publicly — though they aren’t really specific to Spotify, but hold for […]

If you want to level up as an engineer, read the code. All of it.

This article was cross-posted from Medium. Over my entire career thus far, I’ve noticed a single action completely transform a developer’s effectiveness as an engineer and technical leader: read all of your system’s code. It’s a “simple” action (though it takes time, energy, focus, and skill at extracting meaning from code), but (surprisingly) not many people on […]

I really enjoyed interviewing at Spotify

This article was cross-posted from Medium. After a month of intense preparation and interviewing, Spotify was a breath of fresh air. I’d like to talk about the process of interviewing for an engineering role and why it was one of the better experiences. Spotify uses a traditional tech company style of interviewing for full-time engineering […]

Technical interviews: it’s not actually about the whiteboard

This article is cross-posted from Medium and a response to the following article on tech hiring being broken. There are some interesting points in the above article on why folks fear and/or should avoid the whiteboard. I think the whiteboard hate is a crutch. It’s like paper, but on a wall Many preparatory materials will tell […]

Giving better code reviews

I take code reviews very seriously. It’s one of the crucial processes for ensuring the spread of knowledge transfer and best practices throughout a development team.

Package Stats and Its Data Pipeline

For the last year (on and off), I’ve been working on an analytics service for NPM package authors. As an author of 60+ NPM packages, I found it extremely frustrating to gather a holistic understanding of the reach/impact of my packages – resorting to clicking through the 60+ package pages on NPM’s site. I […]

On Hiring Procrastinators

The work ethic that you have is likely a carryover from how you were in school. Some of us might be labeled as procrastinators – not out of laziness, but out of a misalignment of goals. In school, high leverage tasks (as teachers and the department viewed them) were tests, homework, and classwork. They assumed that […]