Gonzy – Mr. Joel Kemp

Dedicated to Antonio “Tat” Gonzalez (1929-2009): beloved grandfather, father of seven, and fisherman.

The sea, contains
endless depth –
like you:
refusing rest.
But today,
the sun-seared waves
that forever called,
are still
and silent;
for the sea,
like us –
dear grandfather –
hath lost its captain…

Author’s Note:

I believe it is fascinating to see how two entities, the sea and a family, can be similar enough to feel the same pain for an unfortunate death. Both entities have lost their source for strength: their captain.

Tat’s tens of years as a fisherman will always leave me envious; for we both have experienced indescribable warmth when looking towards the horizon. We are denizens of the aquatic unknown; and that is where we shall forever meet.