My Previous Software Experience Jobs

From all my experiences in my previous jobs as a software engineer or any field of the technological industry, I can tell you that the job hunting process is complicated, and you should be hard working and never give up. At the beginning of my academic career, there are some things that I wish I have known, so all that process would be much more comfortable. So, here you have some tips for making the right profile that suits you:

Student profile

  • It must be very creative, dynamic, fearless to face the challenge of boosting the knowledge to improve the career of the future.
  • Intellectually competent as a bachelor, with the necessary skills and knowledge, that are needed to start undergraduate studies.
  • Be able to make free, original, autonomous, and creative but responsible decisions.
  • You are committed to the Life project of your integral formation, based on values and attitudes that reflect the highest principles of ethics and morals.
  • Open to a dynamic of political, social, technological, and economic changes in the point of view in a humanistic approach.

Professional Profile

A professional in Systems Engineering and computing is a benchmark in technology and science issues for real problem-solving. It is a transversal entity capable of supporting various processes in the area of engineering and Applied Mathematics. It is able to propose solutions to problems on a small and large scale. It’s training also allows it to be a leader in technological and scientific subjects.

  • To formulate proposals for the solution of real problems through the use of Applied Technologies and mathematics.
  • Lead research projects/business for the solution of specific problems (for example, social) and abstract (for example, generation of new knowledge).
  • I am making decisions on a sound, ethical, and scientific basis for human/social/technological improvement.

Occupational Profile

The systems engineer can provide in the following areas, offering the following functions:

    • Entrepreneur, a person who has his initiative, is visionary of many opportunities and being capable of creating systems and various technology companies.
    • Head of Systems projects, Leader able to make plans, organize and manage a series of activities carried out by a systems research and Development Group, which requires the ability to create and design, elaborate, improve or evaluate an organization’s Information System or problem.
    • Computer consultant, expert who is able to give advice to other organizations or persons in the identification of computer opportunities for the solution of problems in their field of specialty, in the identification and evaluation of alternatives, in the guidance and personal training, as well as in the implementation and monitoring of applicable lines of action.
  • Systems manager, who is responsible for all the computer services of a company, as well as the technological, technical, and human infrastructure that make them possible. He is a computer manager who is capable of articulating these with the other sources of the organization.
  • Computer system builder, the person capable of analyzing, designing, software, operating, and controlling computer systems.
  • Computer Services Administrator, a person who will have the responsibility for a provision of computer or tele-computer services that serve as a basis for the operation of the organization. It is capable not only of maintaining the infrastructure required for this, and also of coordinating the proper maintenance and renovation of necessary computer equipment and systems.
  • Support to users, with the ability to give training, support, solve operational and technical problems to users of Information Systems.
  • Researcher, a leader in the exploitation and generation of new theories applied in systems.