Beauty in Code

There is beauty in the thoughts expressed in code; the search for the perfect idioms. A logical poetry.

There is beauty in the product: that which our code has created.

There is beauty in the usability of our code – its API: its language of interaction.

Think, for a moment, about your own code. We write so much of it. Where is the beauty within your career’s corpus?

Navigating an AMD codebase in Sublime Text using Static Analysis and Node.js

This post was featured in Node Weekly #43.

When you have a large JS codebase that uses the AMD module pattern, like we do at Bēhance, it becomes tedious to perform certain tasks within your editor. This hurts productivity and adds up to wasted developer time in the long term. Here are some of the problems and possible/existing solutions.


Learnings from Client-side and Server-side rendering in Backbone.js

In this article, I’ll talk about the high-level technologies and pros and cons to go from a fully client-side to server-side rendered application with a supplementary Backbone.js app on top. This article draws on about a year of experience using both techniques on production apps at YouNow.





We pay to read books –
so that someone pays
for our having paid
to read books.

We pay to teach ourselves –
so that someone pays
for our having paid
to teach ourselves.


Intelligence –
marked by those
who see
or have been shown.

But what of us
who have yet to see
with no one to show?


Your children are mine
for the eating.
Sliced and bloodied
on bread –
cytoplasmic butter.

By Design

Dedicated to Joel Kemp Sr. (1961 – 2011): Father, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Rest in peace dad, maybe things can be different on the next side…

Addiction fuels us
giving purpose to our lives
until it takes them.

Braille Translations

Dedicated to Joel Kemp Sr. 1961 – 2011. He was not blind, but a poet. This was his favorite of my pieces. Rest in peace dad. You wrote one hell of a story…

Do not tell me
what the world is like;
for the times
are more beautiful
in the darkness.

No sights of the stuck-up;
I walk chin high
in 1990’s fashion.

No hesitations
or preconceptions -
I eat, drink, and touch
on living lips.

No rushing
the ride -
counting steps
in every breath…

Mathematical Logic

By generalizing,
we create ambiguities
in the interpretation
of statements.

Logicians attempt
to strengthen mathematics –
employing new rules
to “resolve” the ambiguities.

Rules, also subject to misinterpretation –
the creation of a cycle of creation:
systems to patch systems
that patch systems…