Your children are mine for the eating. Sliced and bloodied on bread — cytoplasmic butter.

By Design

Dedicated to Joel Kemp Sr. (1961 – 2011): Father, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Rest in peace dad, maybe things can be different on the next side… Addiction fuels us giving purpose to our lives until it takes them.

Braille Translations

Dedicated to Joel Kemp Sr. 1961 – 2011. He was not blind, but a poet. This was his favorite of my pieces. Rest in peace dad. You wrote one hell of a story… Do not tell me what the world is like; for the times are more beautiful in the darkness. No sights of the […]


Tell your children why they were born – in tubes: not fallopian but pyrex.


Children: talking about children, talking about condoms, and cunnilingus. Children: strongly opinionated with no strong opinions.

An Exploration of the Word

Ugly women in Starbucks with ugly smiles: perfectly symmetrical teeth with perky bones under cheeks. Ugly children in trains with ugly innocence: laughter shattering brittle outer shells of neighbors. For I am an ugly man with an appreciation for ugly things; might that be beautiful?