I sit in the back of this library, in tranquility. However, it reeks of urine. It might have been a mistake to sit next to the girl’s bathroom, watching as the occasional cutie passes by; a wink howbeit. My observation period is plagued by the disfigured. Sole options: the face of a goddess with an […]

Negative Space

I drift in negative space, unafraid. The noise from the long-island bound train car lessens, as I gaze out the window; sun searing my retina. Blindness would surely ensue, but it matters not, as I float. My mind wanders, flashing memories of past summers, loved ones, and friends; a moment of appreciation. The beautiful imagery […]

Mental Diarrhea

The stone cold faces plague the car; a ride with corpses; emotionless. The children smile, jovially; they, too young to become jaded to the daily commute; the encounter with the dead. The laughter, the enjoyment of swinging around filthy steel; if only for a second, could this sight penetrate the angered shell that encases the […]

A Week Devoid

The lukewarm cup of coffee looks back at me, as did the previous five; my only companions through the hours. My insomniac kitten even snores; signaling that I should sleep. When will it end? I wonder; programmatically programming this program. These professors must hate me, maniacally assigning projects the same week. Is it too late […]


Part 1: I awoke to a surprisingly loud full bend in my ears, during an ultra-depressing John Mayer solo. Angry, and still exhausted, I threw my headphones on the ground of the extensive chartered bus. “Emo bullshit!” I yelled, clearing the crust from my eyes. Boy was I beat; the last time I woke up […]